Workers Compensation California

During the end of the 19th century working conditions in this country had deteriorated to the point where the number or workers that were being injured on the job was astronomical. These workers were left to pay for their own medical bills and with no income to take care of their families until, if they were lucky, they were fit to work again. Thanks to the passage of California workers compensation law in 1910 there was finally a system of insurance in place to help take care of injured workers and their families. Today, no matter what state you operate any type of business in you must have some form of workman's compensation insurance. The new laws covering workers compensation in California that took effect both in and before 1910 soon began to spread out to other states as more workers demanded that they be given the same type of protection. In fact workman's compensation became the first social insurance program to be implemented in the United States.

Under the Californian workers compensation laws it was no longer necessary for an employee to have to prove negligence on the part of the employer in a court of law in order to force them to cover medical costs and lost wages. This type of insurance is considered to be "no fault" insurance whereby the benefits are paid no matter who is or is not to blame for the job related injury or illness. In general this insurance is designed to protect both the employer and his employees. Under the terms of the California workers compensation laws an employee who suffers a work related injury or illness is entitle to have all of his medical bills, rehabilitation bills and any related costs such as medications paid for. There are no deductibles or co payments, the bills must be paid in full by the employer's insurance policy, no matter who is or is not to blame for the illness or injury. More to the point California workers compensation laws require the employee to be paid two thirds of his base salary during the time that he is unable to work. This was intended to make sure that the employee and his family did not end up destitute while the employee was unable to work.

These laws also protect the employer from a litany of costly lawsuits. Prior to the passage of these laws the only alternative an injured employee had was to sue the company for his money, these lawsuits could result in massive payments that many companies could not afford and be forced in to bankruptcy. If you are interested in protecting your company and your employees in California with workers compensation insurance, you need to take the time to visit Frankel Workers Comp. Here you will be able to compare the rates of many of the top insurance carriers in t he country. No matter what state your business is located in you will find the coverage you need at prices you can afford.